Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why I love being a mom?!

I was tagged by Mamati to asnwer this question, and it took me time to actually answer it because I was really trying to find within me, why?? .. my son is so young and until now, I dont think I can know how it is being a mom .. I am still in the easy stage!

Well I guess its because:

  • Having a legacy: I look into the future and I can imagine my son acheiving so much in life. That by itself is heart poundering. I want to be proud of him one day.
  • Its fun: seeing my little tot mastering new moves and learning new skills is fun. We laugh at each little action he does
  • Its challanging: I am planning to raise a disciplines son .. and its hard. I love the challange and I am praying so hard that Allah will help me raise him in a way that would make me proud one day.
  • Love: his hug means the world to me even though my soon is too busy to hug at this age. The few times he does it, its just unexplainable how much love I feel!


  1. Thanks for participating yes you may be new at the whole mom things but still a mum is a mum.

    I loved your five things and could relate to them enjoy the mommy journey as its one of the best experiences life has to offer.

  2. If you think you are having an easy stage, I think you do well! :p A lot of people find that any stage is terrifically difficult... :)

  3. same with u habibti... i enjoy being a's the greatest achievement i ever had... :)

  4. شكراً لكم ... اتمنى لكم المزيد من التوفيق


  5. شكرا لكم ..دائما موفقين..))

    Räumung - Räumung

  6. شكرا على الموضوع المتميز
    Dank Thema Wohnungsräumung

  7. مشكوووور .. وتسلم ايديك على الموضوع الممتاز

    توك شو , برامج ترفيهية