Monday, February 23, 2009

شعاع النور

عندما يخيم على المكان السحاب المظلم، تبدأ النفس بالتململ، ويكزن من الصعب القيام بأي عمل ما ، .. هكذا كان حالي في العمل ، مع كل التغيرات الإيجابية الأخيرة ، ما زال هناك طريق غير واضحة، يشعرنا بالخوف مهما كانت الثقة بالنفس ، ولكن عندما يغير هذا الشعور بصيص أمل، شعاع نور يقول لك أن الدنيا ما زالت بخير.ـ

هذا ما شعرت به عند لقائي بالمدير ن ، طاقته الإيجابية وعمله المتقن، نتاج تعبه واضح أمامك، تشعر بالفخر يومض في عينيك وهو يشرح لك عمله، كل هذا يفرض عليك الإحساس بالأمل .. يبعدك عن تلك الغيوم السوداوية ويعطيك الحماس لتستمر .. ولتكون فخورا بعملك أيضاً!!ـ

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Super Mom

From my 7+ months experience as a mom, there are certain skills that you need to be great at:

1- Probablities: when he is crying, he might be hungry, dirty, sleepy, or craving for attention. So, you need to practice your probablities well to try to get it from the first time .. otherwise, its time comsuming to check every one of these probablties until you find the reason!

2- Sense of Smell: its embarassing to be told by others that your baby needs a diper change .. so basicly you need to smell it as soon as it happens!

3- Strong grip: your baby will use you as his toy. you will be holding him and he will decide to play on top of your lap . ofcourse his faviourate game is to reach out for dangrous stuff.

4- a Strong Heart: Nothing hurts more than holding a baby in your womb for 9 months and once he starts to understand his surrounding he starts favoring his Father or anyone for that matter other than you!! It kills when does that!!

5- Strong Vocals: You have to sing, scream and make funny noises to grab his attention.

6- Learn to enjoy babies shows: be it, tuyor al janna, baraem, mbc3, al jazeera kids, anything that is filled with colors and nursery songs.

7- Being Alert: The days when the alaram goes off without you even hearing it are gone .. any movement of cry your baby makes would wake you up. And you need to respond fast, because the fait cry my turn into a scream if you did not give it your full attention!

These are few skills I have in mind, might come back with another set of skills as my 3azzan grows up ;)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Finally, been to Egypt, Um al Dunia!

After Eid Al Adhaha I had a business trip in Egypt. It was a very hard decision to take, I was going to leave my 5 months baby here.. but I wen ..
I've been wanting to visit since forever .. my husband wasn't really keen on it because of all what he heard about Egypt .. he was dreading this trip so much .. to our advantage, my uncle was visiting it too for a conference there, and Egypt is my uncle's second country (he studied there). He and his friend made us LOVE Cairo .. I cant wait till I visit it again!

Here are some pictures of places I visited. Unfortunately my trip was really really short (2 full days) I didn't even get to visit the pyramids!!
Will leave you with the pics and the comments.

Al Hussain

Khan Al Khalili, very similar to Suq Matrah ..

Cairo in the middle of the day!

Overlooking the Nile.

a coffee shop (actually a tea shop) since 1891, tells you how advanced Egypt was one day!